Our school

Our school building

Our school is located in an historic building on the Columbusplein in Amsterdam West. We have 280 students divided over fourteen groups. Press here for a short tour. Our school has its own gym, library, arts and crafts studio, and two enclosed outdoor play areas for the little ones. Pupils from groups three to eight play on the Columbusplein in front of the school.

Due to a major renovation, we have moved to a temporary location, The Roos at Reinier Claeszenplein 12, 1056 WB in Amsterdam. Click here for an impression. We expect te return in the Summer of 2025 back to our beloved renovated building at the Columbusplein.


“The Visserschool is a small-scale school with a broad view that prepares children well for their future in a multicultural society."

Our groups

Our students are divided into fourteen groups which currently include four groups 1/2, two groups 3, two groups 4, two groups 5, two groups 6, one group 7, and one group 8. The average class size is between 20-25 students. The kindergarten groups accept incoming students throughout the school year and may have up to around 30 students by the end of the school year.

Our team

Our bilingual education is given shape by an ambitious team of teachers, support staff, and teaching assistants. The school is managed by a principal, site manager, and a management team. Each year, the team receives training in the latest teaching methods. Also, all staff members have a required English C1 level training or are currently working towards this level.

Our Nationalities

We are very proud of the multinational aspect of the Visserschool. All together we have more than 40 nationalities represented in the school. The official languages are English and Dutch, but many students also speak another language at home. Global awareness is central to our school and is what connects us all together.

“This year we relocated to another country so we had to find a new school for our children, but we will always keep Visserschool in our hearts."

“In these 5 years that we have been in Amsterdam we have felt at home and this feeling is largely due to the school that welcomed our children so well. From the first day everyone was so welcoming. We mainly wanted to thank the teacher of Tiago, my son. Always available, friendly and an excellent teacher. Thank you for becoming an example for him. And the teacher of my daughter with a giant heart, always attentive, who made my daughter, Leonor, feel so happy at school. They will forever remain in our hearts. Being a teacher is much more than just teaching and you have the best team ever. Thank you for everything."

Our focus on creativity

Creativity is of paramount importance at the Visserschool. During our visual arts classes students learn to develop expression through visual images. These lessons are taught by a certified arts teacher in our 2nd floor arts and crafts studio. Furthermore, once a week music lessons are provided for by teachers from Aslan Muziekcentrum. Henrik Holm teaches groups 1 through 4, Rutger van der Ree teaches groups 5 through 8.

Now that we've mentioned music lessons, are you between 6 and 12 years old and crazy about music, dans and theatre? Would you like to participate in workshops? You can use the following link to register: Register Aslanmuziek.

Besides visual education, the school appeals daily to the creativity of the students through thematic lessons.

Our school culture

Our school is a safe and peaceful school. Work is carried out based on clear school protocol and guidelines as laid down in our handbook. For example, we work through student mediators on the premises to keep the environment pleasant and safe for everyone. Our students scored us at 8.6 on a recent safety survey. Moreover, our school is an ecumenical school and part of AMOS (Amsterdam Ecumenical School Group). AMOS schools were traditionally rooted in Christianity. Today the identity is fulfilled in the broad and original Greek meaning of "ecumenism": the whole inhabited world. This means that we are open to students from all different backgrounds. We all share our knowledge, stories, and celebrate holidays together with the great world religions. It is all about meeting each other and getting to know and understand one another.

“The Visserschool is a peaceful school for all children."”

Our student council

The Visserschool has its own student council which generates new ideas and advice to school directors. The council is chosen by students from their group from groups four through eight. Amongst other things, they initiated a school birthday calendar hung in the corridor, the distribution of fruit provided by the school, and a sustainable waste program. The student council meets every six weeks and is supervised by Mrs. Heleen, the location director.

(anti-) bullying protocol

Unfortunately, bullying occurs in every school, including ours. It is a problem that we acknowledge and take seriously at our school as bullying is harmful to children. How we address it at the Visserschool is outlined in this protocol.