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School guide

All practical information can be found in our school guide which you can download under ‘school documents’ on our website. You can also visit the school comparison website for additional information (results, ratings, etc.)..

School guide 2020 - 2021

Continuous schedule

At the Visserschool we work with what is called a continuous schedule. This means that our students do not go home for an afternoon lunch break. School hours are from 8.30am to 2.15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and on Wednesday from 8.30am to 1pm. Due to the current Corona restrictions parents are not allowed to enter the school building. Teachers receive the students outside on the square and bring them there again after school for pick up.

Holidays and special days

When are the holidays and special days in 2020 - 2021?

Holiday FromTo
Study day 28-08-2020 28-08-2020
Autumn break 10-10-2020 18-10-2020
Study day 19-10-2020 19-10-2020
Christmas holidays 19-12-2020 03-01-2021
Good Friday and Easter 02-04-2021 05-04-2021
Study days 18-02-2021 19-02-2021
Spring break 20-02-2021 28-02-2021
May holiday 24-04-2021 09-05-2021
Ascension Day 13-05-2021 14-05-2021
Study day 17-05-2021 17-05-2021
Pentecost 24-05-2021 24-05-2021
Study day 02-06-2021 02-06-2021
Summer holiday 10-07-2021 22-08-2021

Preschool / Playgroup

Partou is our in-school toddler care partner for children between two and four years old. Here they can have fun, play, and discover the world together with their peers. Partou offers preschool and early childhood education according to the Uk & Puk method. They work with themes to prepare your child for primary school in a fun and playful way. Your child will learn to play together, make friends, dress himself/herself and wait for his/her turn. This can make the transition to school a lot easier and with a lot less anxiety! Interested? Click here.

After-School Care

Partou also offers after-school care in our school building for children from four to twelve years old. There are also other various after-school care organisations that provide after school pick-up for our students.

After-school activities

After school activities are regularly available for all of our students. These activities are provided by specialised subject teachers from outside our school, but the activities themselves take place inside our school building. The after school activities are subsidised by the municipality of Amsterdam, and the fee to participate is based according to income. Choices range from both creative to sport, for example: carpentry, acrobatics, science experiments, fashion entrepreneur skills, singing lessons, free-running, and kickboxing. Which activities are offered vary and change throughout the school year. Miss Didi is the contact person at our school for after school activities. Registration is digitally via AKROS. Typically there is place for 10 to 15 children per after school activity. Activities last from 1-1.5 hours during the course of 8 to 10 weeks. You may register your child for as many of these activities as you want.

Absenteeism and leave

Teaching time is precious. Our aim is to keep absenteeism to a minimum. There are defined rules for authorized and unauthorized absence from school.

We ask parents to ensure that their children arrive at school on time every day, arriving late is not permitted. Classes begin at 8.30am, and all children are expected in the classroom at this time. Students arriving late must first get a yellow card from Mr. Wouter before they are allowed to enter the classroom.

If there are too may unauthorised absences from school (including late arrival) then management will contact the parents. If this does not have the desired effect, a truancy officer must be notified.

When is an absence permitted? Cases of illness and serious circumstances fall under justified absence. If your child is ill or has a doctor's appointment, we ask you to inform the school between 7:45am-8:20am by calling 020 618 0481.

Leave for a family wedding, funeral, or anniversary may be requested by applying for administrative leave due to serious circumstances. The principal will assess the application. If leave is requested due to weighty circumstances for more than ten school days per school year then the truancy education officer will make the decision.

Social Schools

At the Visserschool, we use the Social Schools app to notify our parents about our latest news, holidays, study days, and to share nice photos from their child's group. All parents have access to a page that is visible only to their class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Visserschool an international school?
No, the Visserschool is not an international school and cannot be seen as a substitute or replacement for an international school. We are a Dutch primary school where students receive lessons in Dutch and in English. We must comply with Dutch legislation for primary education, and CITO tests are given in Dutch. English is taught for 30-40% of teaching hours, the remaining 60-70% are in Dutch.
Are there any extra costs to parents for the bilingual primary education at the Visserschool?
No, the Visserschool requires a standard annual parental contribution of €60 from parents / guardians for the education of their children. These funds are used for outings (such as a visit to the zoo, museum, or petting zoo) and celebrations (Sinterklaas and Christmas). The parental contribution is voluntary but is indispensable for a balanced budget.
Does the Visserschool have a waiting list?
Due to lack of space and the popularity of bilingual primary education, there is unfortunately not enough space for every child that registers at the Visserschool. We are the only school in Amsterdam offering this form of education. For children younger than four years old, parents should follow the registration procedure as described on our site. Due to the number of registrations exceeding capacity, schools spots are allotted via a lottery. Currently, we only have space in a few groups for students who are four years and older. If you have moved and are looking for a new school for your child, please contact our school to discuss the possibilities.
Is bilingual primary education suitable for every child?
It is recommended that at least one parent is fluent in Dutch. Bilingual education can be an enrichment for students, but is not the right choice for every child. Children are not sponges that are able to absorb everything they hear and reproduce information at any given time. Learning a second language is hard work! Therefore, bilingual education is usually not a fitting choice for children with a language delay or language development disorder.
Where can I find more information about bilingual primary education and past results?
Click on this link to read more about the 17 primary schools in the Netherlands offering bilingual education.

School documents

A number of school policy documents and forms are available below to download in PDF.

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